Are the leaders fighting for our well-being?

We live a fantastic time where everything can change if all the people who have good ideas & solutions act together. Even if Oof is very down to earth, looking at the world going full speed on a wall, it’s also the time that most utopias can be believed to become true.

Through metamorphosis of the societies and if we are smart enough this would not need a revolution. Topics will include the failure of growth, financial & individualist societies, the return to the gold standard, the media manipulations, the green energies & lack of fossile ones, the nature & animals destruction, the healthy food & chemical drugs, the religious extremists narowmindness, so on & so forth. Please share any of these posts so the world will feel better.

Alternative solutions solving world issues to live long & happy, through awareness, resource based economy, health, consciousness and counter culture. Realist tragic reactions with the positive hope that things will change as i thought human were conscious, had intelligence, well none of the politics have, sorry. Why the governements & companies don’t want our well-being? (link/check La Voie by Edgar Morin’s book)

Why the system hides you all the below? Maybe I am sur-natural to know all this? No!

Food, health & education: 70% of the illness could be solved by eating healthy food (check La methode France Guillain’s book), this should be the fist steps of child education, no one should be struggling to eat without:
– Processed sugar – how come it’s still not considered as the biggest poison on earth?
– Non-GMO
– Bad meat 15 times per week of suffering mammals, that is making more pollution than all the cars & planes together
– 90% of restaurants giving frozen or  conservatives food.
– Benefits of eathing raw food are now official, it could save hundred millions from cancer, why nobody knows?

– Seeds all being kidapped for the future generations (Monsanto & 3 others)

The economic system : It has chosen a « kamikaze » option, and is killing itself, all human beings and nature (check a Resource Based Economy by Jacque Fresco/ Zeitgeist Movement).

– Western governments have chosen paper money & abyssal debt instead of a gold standard to rule this world (check Antal Fekete last book) than unfortunately has no other solution to collapse in a really stupid way instead of reacting. Someone stealing one person go in jail (ok), whereas the western governments are happily putting all their citizen in slavery through the debt system (thanks to the U.S. FED & the dollar).

– Now Europe’s economy is attacked by 15 hedge funds (incl George Soros one) & jeoparadizing the life of 300 million people

– Tax havens :
* 70% of the wealth is in hands of 1%. don’t worry these are in Tax heavens, it will not come back by any mean to the people.
* Most of the 40 biggest french companies are NOT paying tax in France (as well as in most other countries). For instance how to explain that Total petrol company is paying 1€ !

All our world & universe is interwined. It is obvious that the more we destroy our resources, the more we will suffer. We cannot take non-stop from the earth and polute as if it was unfinished. Money is getting people blind, especially the ones that are really rich & deciding…

Examples of inventions we will show, the « air car » running perfectly, a motor that never stops without energy, the houses made of only earth or the water made by air fans.

We will propose you good actions to go against the major absurdity of the multinationals. Aavaz, Greenpeace, Oxfam…

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