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Lost in a grey punk space (at M.Chat’s place)

Jacket: with no button, from the master… Moritz Rogosky. Light sweater: very cosmic indeed, silver with buttons in the back, looks like what Dr Spock should wear really… again : Moritz Rogosky. No comment, genius. Brooch: from the 1920’s, fox made out of ivory is my guess… Tousers: Punky Vivienne Westwood with included bumbag (or …


The return of the green

Jacket: corduroy & wool by Moritz Rogosky Trousers: bright green by Moritz Rogosky Shoes: reversed green leather by Spring Court Jumper: patchwork of velvet corduroy & pieces of sweat shirts fom « Production Artisanale » Badges: USSR crocodile & Jeff Koons’ dog… Shirt : with a judo green stripe & buttons by (yes him again…) Moritz Rogosky


Hey celluloid junkie (Part 1)

Back from the mindblowing secret concert from PRINCE at La Cigale (only 1000 people) & the week after the successful Joakim release party with Optimo & GilbR at Nouveau Casino (Paris) Mac: this is from Moritz Rogosky, goes with the shirt obviously… Long sleeve shirt: this is from Moritz Rogosky, you gonna see his name …