The Elalouf collection is one of the biggest in Europe concerning psychedelic art.
This form of art leads to a mystic and spiritual dimension of which limits are hard to define. We still can notice it by its bright colours, its ardent arabesques and the hard to read typographies…

Its climax was at the end of the 60’s –matching with psychedelic drugs taking period- mixing up every artistic domain, and advocating new technic experiments : music (samples, effects and mixtures between rock, jazz, soul-funk or trance via folk music), cinema (Psych-out, La planète sauvage, Easy Rider, Las Vegas Parano…), videos (light shows…), literature (Burroughs, Ginsberg, Huxley…), comicstrips (Pellaert, Shelton, Druillet…), and freepress (Oz, The Oracle), etc.

The Elalouf Collection (PDF)

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