Lunivers is a new music duo coming from the stars:

– Lena Kaufman, famous russian singer who’s angels songs are between trip-hop and folk. Coming from a TV background (Fabric stars), she released a celebrated album (20 000 copies sold), later collaborated with the band Triangle Sun (Budha Bar), and now set in Paris, her last project is more acoustic, the video is pleasing a lot on Youtube.

– Oof aka Jaïs Frédéric Elalouf, is a DJ-director, his main influence is acid rock, jazz, funk and dirty electro. He released tracks on Tru-thoughts, Fluid Ounce, Universal Jazz, directed about 35 music videos and played 400 gigs worldwide. Oof has many other interests, as a psychedelic art collector, parties and concerts curator (Nuits Ouf), fashion freak, music digger journalist, founder of Ping pong who represents Ninja Tune and 700 artists in France since 1998. He’s associated artist of 104 in 2012 and set up his multimedia studio there.

Most of the tracks are about their meeting as lovers and how life is :

– the ambient sounds of « Bisous de Zadar », a track led by field recordings of the 70 meters sea organ in Zadar (Croatia), and the rhythm entirely made out of kisses!

– the electro-dreamy-pop sounds of « Happy Route » or « All I see is you » where you can hear cult vintage synths like the Jupiter 8 or Prophet 5.

– the commited flamenco-dub sounds of « Moi mua », the only sampled based song, & with a pretty unique process as the samples come from the films themselves (check out the video). Based on a research program of IAE-La Sorbonne-Paris and two other european universities on « Art & Restructuring ».

Free from any music genre, dare to describe it ! This EP will be released in June.