The esthetism of Ninja Tune is present both in its music and its visual identity : visual treasures arranged as sound samples and specific sound atmospheres. Thus the disturbing and complex organic structures of Amon Tobin perfectly illustrate his music dark and convoluted, as DJ Vadim and his graffiti related to his hip-hop influences. After the Galerie Frédéric Sanchez (2000) and the Palais de Tokyo (2004), Ninja Tune’s back this year with a new presentation in honor of its 20 years with a superb 200-pages book by Black Dog Publishing (

The exhibition is divided into three distinct parts:
The presentation of the original album covers is the first essential step, as it cements the identity of the label. We will find DJ Food (Strictly Kev /, author of half of the 600 LPs produced by the label. He has designed an installation, a sort of mountain composed by hundreds of his vinyl pockets.
And also : Oscar & Ewan (, Doug Bowden (, Nigel Peake (
Expansions in size 66 * 66cm signed by their authors will be presented with a book order.

The second part will focus on audio-visual productions from some artists of the label (music videos and documentaries), but will not be exclusively retrospective, many exclusives shows are planned during this demonstration: creations live Coldcut (EU Climate Change film Anti-Tobacco Industry propaganda film) and DJ Food, Cinematic Orchestra (The EntreActe, Manhattan), Kid Koala animations …

The third part will celebrate 20 years of the label through a journey tracing the milestones thatgive to Ninja Tune such a reputation. There will be a parade of posters, records, felts, flyers, stickers, t-shirts, and the book and the famous one, the ultra limited 20 years anniversary book. and other derivatives that have shaped the identity of the label. This part will be logically supported by a large merchandising stand.