Late 60’s, Western society driven at the time by a youth bathed in acid rock, was getting off its taboos. Both a strong opposition to the Judaeo – Christian and an invitation to immersion in multiple bodies without fear of tomorrow.

Love is finally freed of narrow minds, the hair pushed a sap flow flood history of art, music and film. The sexual revolution, 40 years after his first thrusts, will make his comeback in four exceptional events that links all the guilty pleasure :

– Performance & cinema night

– Music, concerts, DJ’s & performances night

– Expositions “2009-5769 erotic year” + art preview :

« 5769 » is the year of the new Hebrew calendar. For this exhibition, the founders of the quarterly magazine of Israel (no text) « A5 » graphic designers have the works of 30 artists in black boxes (size A5 / 10 * 15cm) with an LED light inside and to see the work you have to look into a hole next to accentuate the « voyeurism » … « A5 » joined the fields of photography and of course the architecture of contemporary art in general. Each number has a specific topic, the last is « sex ».  Were these artists inspired by the 1000 Women of King Solomon? (Song of Songs « Cantiques des Cantiques »)

– Exposition “The erotic art during the XXth century”+ art preview :

Exhibition from May 8th to June 6th, @ La Belleviloise. exceptional Lithographs and paintings,  curiosa items, bookplates, rare books, adult press  from 1967 to 70, cinema & concert posters, and more than 200 signed prints and original works by Leonor Fini, Alain Bonnefoit, Manara, Picasso, Martin Sharp, Dorothy Iannone, Aslan…