« Our streets against forgetting and to show how the spontaneous revolution has fundamentally changed the mentality of the generations that followed. The year 1967, key moment in the history of rock marked the success of Cream, Jimi Hendrix …

A free music of any format, offering « concept albums » little radio. It is also the democratization of the miniskirt, the hippie movement, pop-art, alternative press, utopias – change the world together – or eccentric visionary (ecology …), LSD, a cinema without limits in different countries … student demonstrations want to loosen the shackles of morality and society ossified at the time, in France, they lasted six weeks, accompanied by a strike of multisectoral national scale. In 2008, if the conter-culture is more accessible, it is completely absorbed by the over-information and « acute consomite » of society. The Situationists are far …  »

To mark the 40th anniversary of May 68, Booking, Marketing and Promotion agency Ping Pong joins the Bellevilloise to organize Saturday, June 14 a night dedicated to the revolution of the walls.

Bellevilloise (Forum) (May-June, 2008) : exhibition of posters from the May 68 movement. Order of one silkscreen print poster (100 copies) made by the artist Joey.