« Oof gives a trip to La Biennale, 76 min made to rewind your mind! ».
This is the all-day soundtrack of a psychedelic art exhibition at the famous ‘Biennale de Lyon’ from September to December 2005 at Le Fort de St-Jean. A selection made out of 3000 tracks,
mixed live without computer. The exhibition included the graphic below where people had to guess if the tracks were old or new.
Played on Solid steel !

Erol Alkan « Oof, your records are an educational »
Jon Spencer « really loved your cd’s. »
Optimo « One of the best mix tape i’ve heard… »
Simian « We stole a lot of stuff from this for our own sets »
Dj Food « This cd can be listened so many times in a loop, it’s rare !»

+ Mars Volta, d-i-r-t-y.com, Madlib, Andy Votel…

[audio:http://stream3.mxcdn.com/cloudcasts/originals/c/0/d/5/54dc-da0a-4fb9-8e2a-42edbdc1f4ad.mp3|titles=Oof – La Biennale Takes a Trip]

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