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13 Janvier 2021 – Radio Couleur3

Invité par la radio nationale suisse RTS – Couleur3, DJ Oof vous livre ses pépites et quatre de ses titres inédits qui sortiront prochainement, mixés sans ambages à la tonalité et au BPM. Un mix psychédélique qui voyage entre la musique traditionnelle, le blues, le rock d’époque et actuel, la soul-funk, le ragga et hip hop moderne, la pop péruvienne, marocaine, turque, brésilienne, allemande, et l’électro sous diverses de formes (dubstep, expérimental, trip hop, techno, etc.)… Oui c’est possible ! Un sentiment de liberté se dégage de cette épopée qui donne envie de danser au soleil et en conscience écouter les paroles engagées comme sur la fin, « I’d Love to Change the World ».

January 13, 2021 – Couleur3 Radio

Invited by the national swiss radio RTS – Couleur3, DJ Oof delivers his gems and 4 unrealeased tracks, mixed live on the tune and BPM. A psychedelic mix that travels between traditionnal music,  blues, old and new rock, soul-funk, ragga, hip hop, pop fom Peru, Morocco, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, and varied electronic music (dubstep, expérimental, trip hop, techno, etc.). Yes it’s possible ! A feeling of freedom is sprading out of this odyssee that makes you want to dance under the sun and consciously like at the end, on « I’d Love to Change the World ».


  • 1- Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem « Vous et nous »
  • 2- Larry Jon Wilson « Sheldon Church Yard »
  • 3- Tom Zé « Guindaste A Rigor »
  • 4- David Crosby « Cowboy Movie »
  • 5- Akron/Family « So It Goes »
  • 6- Alt-J « Fitzpleasure »
  • 7- Pepe Deluxé « Go For Blue » (Optimo Espacio 3rd Summer Of Love Version)
  • 8- CAN « Moonshake »
  • 9- The Gaslamp Killer « Dead Vets » (with Adrian Younge & MRR)
  • 10- OOF « Volute Quantique » (feat Mike Ladd) – Radio edit
  • 11- Zeds Dead « Trouble »
  • 12- Untold « Stop What You’re Doing » (James Blake remix)
  • 13- David August « Ouvert »
  • 14- Tokimonsta « Fried for the Night » (feat. Earthgang)
  • 15- Captain Planet « Big man » (feat. Shungudzo)
  • 16- Machinedrum « Kane Train » (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
  • 17- Tyler, The Creator « Odd Toddlers » (feat. Casey Veggies)
  • 18- Only Child Tyrant « Father’s Son » (feat. Figueroa)
  • 19- Young Fathers « Get Up »
  • 20- Barbatuques « Baiana » (CloZee Remix)
  • 21- Andres Landero « Canto Negro » (Negro Dub Remix)
  • 22- Los Hijos del Sol « Cariñito »  (Los Reyes De La Milanga Remix)
  • 23- Al-Qasar « Dance Of Maria »
  • 24- Figueroa « The World as we know It »
  • 25- Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls « A Phase Shifter I’m Going Through »
  • 26- Phenomenal Handclap Band « Do What You Like »
  • 27- Swim Mountain « Somebody New »
  • 28- La Fine Equipe « Va Volver »
  • 29- Potatohead People & De La Soul « Baby Got Work » (feat Posdnuos & Kapok)
  • 30- Toots & The Maytals « Funky Kingston » (with Bootsy Collins & The Roots)
  • 31- The Herbaliser « Inside The Machine »
  • 32- Daryl Hall & John Oates « I can’t go for that (No Can Do) »
  • 33- Golden Dawn Arkestra « Cosmic Dancer »
  • 34- OOF « All the way » (feat. Tribal Opera) – demo version
  • 35- OOF « Aidez-les » (feat. Cyril Dion) – demo version
  • 36- Martyn & Four Tet « Glassbeadgames »
  • 37- PVA « Talks »
  • 38- OOF « All Of Us Is One » (feat. Russell Brand & Jie Pop)
  • 39- OOF « All Of Us Is One – Part 2» (feat. Russell Brand) – demo version
  • 40- Lunivers « Happy Route »
  • 41- Kit Sebastian « Senden Baska » (Natureboy Flako Remix)
  • 42- Stealers Wheel « Stuck in the Middle With You »
  • 43- Ten Years After « I’d Love to Change the World »
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This mix has been made on the occasion of the multi-disciplinary event « Nuit Ouf – Disco Punk » at the 104 art venue in Paris, in Janvary 2011. The Nuit Ouf concept is an unforgettable experience where all art melt from music, hair-dresser salon, hotbaths, temporary art exhibitions & installations, in the manner of « 14 Hour Technicolour dream » given in London on April 29th,1967. This night brought us back to the excitement of the late 70’s, a time in which all kind of music were in fusion. Rock and Punk meeting disco, dub, free jazz and hip hop and creating new and fabulously rich sound. The disco punk is a musical style that combines the No-Wave movement in New York, the English post-punk and their current versions… This is all what this mix about!
It had been played at the Sakina M’sa fashion show during that night.

[audio:http://stream4.mxcdn.com/cloudcasts/originals/a/9/1/2/1cca-a315-4b21-8222-9d7fb1d87c91.mp3|titles=Oof -Disco Punk Harrassment]

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Can You Pass The Oof Acid Test is a collection of (drug related) acid rock tracks mixed by Dj Oof. This release features extensive notes about every track and a history on LSD both in French and English. Comes in blotter digipack hard paper & sleeve from jiffy bag material. 
Limited to 250 copies, really sought after as you can see on Discogs. Supported by Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel. 
Front cover artwork: Poster from Kool-aid acid test sessions of the Merry Pranksters (1965)

Shocked how unknown the classics of psychedelic rock were among the youngsters, i decided to make an introduction with a mix in 2004, as well as start the infamous « Acid test » parties in Paris. it brought me many funny stories. I was invited every week for two years to talk of the music i love on Radio Nova, the head of the radio (also Actuel founder) Jean-François Bizot was fan of this mix, and used to ask me to come to his office to talk. You were never gonna come out the same of any conversation with his hardcore sarcasm & love. He plugged me to make a mix for the biggest art event in France for La Biennale de Lyon in 2005. Which led to « La Biennale takes a trip », my favourite mix so far. «Can you Pass the Oof Acid Test » had a special hand-made packaging on blotter paper & the whole story of acid rock which makes it pretty sought after now if you look for it on Discogs.

[audio:http://stream3.mxcdn.com/cloudcasts/originals/1/6/4/8/9136-5e74-4b24-838b-c1a68207f2d1.mp3|titles=Oof – Can You Pass The Oof Acid Test ?]

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This is one of the first mixes of Oof, it goes mainly through the funk, rock, drum n’ bass & New school breakbeat scene of the late 90’s. « Freestyle, anything breakbeat jazzy & Hippy. Heavy Groovy beats & pieces ». This mix was eclectic way before most of the DJ’s were, an illustration of the famous Solid Water parties at Batofar, organisezd with www.d-i-r-t-y.com where you could listen any type of music a live act, two sound system with a chill out. Check the flyers of the solid water below.

[audio:http://stream3.mxcdn.com/cloudcasts/originals/1/0/a/6/1937-9957-43c5-ac0b-e308d0c96c8e.mp3|titles=Oof – Eclectic Beats & Freestyles]

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This one take mix is the perfect example how rich are the influences of Oof. From Sergej S.Prokofiew to Quantic, this trip through history of music (from 1936 to 2003) is an intelligent and exciting way of approaching electronic music and its evolution through the years.
The menu : some trip-hip-hop spices, stirring breakbeat, bootlegs, some standards of deep house, electro, techno, drum n ‘bass, jazz, funk … not to mention the Latin roots and Afro-beat. Pieces of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s brought up to date, for a futuristic result, blending many acoustic instruments. And always keeping an eye on the dancefloor… This mix brought him to present his new tracks every week on Radio Nova for a couple of years at 8pm!

[audio:http://stream1.mxcdn.com/cloudcasts/originals/c/6/5/f/2e6e-28e0-4773-8c32-1484e9921bc4.mp3|titles=Oof – Rewind Your Mind]

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