Dernier Domicile Connu, film directed by José Giovanni

This is the very first video i have ever directed. Let’s come back to the origins of the Cinemix project.

In 2001, i was working as an executive producer on the Cinemix album, remixes of the most famous french soundtracks of the 60’s & 70’s for Universal Jazz. We were listening to the 100 cd’s of the original soundtracks with Stephane Lerouge – a mastermind of the soundtracks – and had to select a dozen of them. This musical theme was obvious, being sampled by hip hop producers (Lil Bow Wow) or Robbie Williams. I discovered that François De Roubaix was probably the first total home studio producer as we know it today. He was playing about seventy instruments on his own, a pioneer of electronics and recording on tape at home, unfortunately died young sea diving in 1975. He is definitely one of the most underrated music producers of all time, and in my personal top 10!

Anyway listening to this track and not finding it in the actual movie of José Giovanni shocked me, it paved the way to find the OST we selected in the movies they are part of. Finding that Jose Giovanni wasn’t the only director not synchronizing more than 30 seconds of these amazing music in their movies, pushed me to direct more videos, using the remixes i had commissioned for the project. My aim way to pay justice & put the music on the same height as the image, 50/50. This became what i called a Cineclip, a kind of music video/trailer of the movie. On the release date and party in May 2003, i played some excerpts of these movies plus some directed videos, the Cinemix audiovisual shows begun for a long story of 400 shows. I was basically DJing the soundtracks & remixes, i had a couple of talented VJ’s doing the video side: VJ GiveToGod, or VJ Lootin who edited this video. I’ve soon seen the drawback of not controlling the video side, the VJ playing movies cuts on the wrong soundtrack! It pushed me in 2004 to play DVD’s so the image, the music & the foley sounds were really tight!