Woodstock is the embodiment of the « peace, love & rock n ‘roll » movement. In August 1969, during four days, the festival attracted  500 000 the freaks over the US, against the 50 000 originally set. Faced with shortages and poor sanitation, a general support is naturally implemented, unprecedented in the history of the gatherings. Participants live between hedonism and psychedelism : pacifism, passive counter-culture, topless, spirituality …
CIA – giving adulterated acids – and excessive media coverage will break this dream of rejection of the traditional values and consumerism society inherited from the Beatniks, defended by the « Yipies », leaving a watered down version the hippie engraved in the collective imagination forever.
This event demonstrates our commitment to build a collective world more human, fraternal in which dream, love and creativity are at the heart of our projects.

CONCERT : DJ Zebra, Byron Holmes, Sheetah & Les Weissmuller, DJ Oof, Dom Thomas, Dirty Sound System, Dom Thomas (Finders Keepers)

EXHIBITION : The exhibition takes us to the heart of the hippie aesthetic with 40 original edition posters and magazines from the period.