Can You Pass The Oof Acid Test is a collection of (drug related) acid rock tracks mixed by Dj Oof. This release features extensive notes about every track and a history on LSD both in French and English. Comes in blotter digipack hard paper & sleeve from jiffy bag material. 
Limited to 250 copies, really sought after as you can see on Discogs. Supported by Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel. 
Front cover artwork: Poster from Kool-aid acid test sessions of the Merry Pranksters (1965)

Shocked how unknown the classics of psychedelic rock were among the youngsters, i decided to make an introduction with a mix in 2004, as well as start the infamous « Acid test » parties in Paris. it brought me many funny stories. I was invited every week for two years to talk of the music i love on Radio Nova, the head of the radio (also Actuel founder) Jean-François Bizot was fan of this mix, and used to ask me to come to his office to talk. You were never gonna come out the same of any conversation with his hardcore sarcasm & love. He plugged me to make a mix for the biggest art event in France for La Biennale de Lyon in 2005. Which led to « La Biennale takes a trip », my favourite mix so far. «Can you Pass the Oof Acid Test » had a special hand-made packaging on blotter paper & the whole story of acid rock which makes it pretty sought after now if you look for it on Discogs.

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