This mix has been made on the occasion of the multi-disciplinary event « Nuit Ouf – Disco Punk » at the 104 art venue in Paris, in Janvary 2011. The Nuit Ouf concept is an unforgettable experience where all art melt from music, hair-dresser salon, hotbaths, temporary art exhibitions & installations, in the manner of « 14 Hour Technicolour dream » given in London on April 29th,1967. This night brought us back to the excitement of the late 70’s, a time in which all kind of music were in fusion. Rock and Punk meeting disco, dub, free jazz and hip hop and creating new and fabulously rich sound. The disco punk is a musical style that combines the No-Wave movement in New York, the English post-punk and their current versions… This is all what this mix about!
It had been played at the Sakina M’sa fashion show during that night.

[audio:|titles=Oof -Disco Punk Harrassment]

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